Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1, How long does it take to construct a Disbin sanitary bin?

A. Only a few seconds. There are instructions on the back of the sanitary bin. It is very simple

Q.2. How long do they take to fill?

A. this is totally dependent on the number of women using the cubicles and their own personal need for sanitary disposal. They may need to dispose of pads, tampons, incontinence pads, panty-liners, condoms, band-aids,cotton buds, dental floss. Everything that shouldn;t be flushed down the toilet.

Q.3. Why should I provide a sanitary bin?  Why not just let women flush their waste?

A. Because the sewer pipes weren't designed to cope with sanitary waste and sooner or later there will be a blockage. City and District councils would love sanitary waste to be captured before it gets flushed away. Also some sanitary waste is too big to flush.

Q.4 How long will a Disbin sanitary bin last?

A. It will last until full. There is no odour. The sanitary bins can be changed routinely on a monthly basis or left for up to two months and longer.

Q.5 How effective is the sanitiser?

A. The Saniquills sanitiser is highly effective and odour is not a problem. The Saniquills emanate a vapour that kills pathogens, including E-coli, Stapphylococcus, Hepatitis B and C, and it also deactivates the Aids virus.

Q.6. How do you dispose of the Disbin?

The Disbin is disposed of in normal rubbish collection. It will not spill or attract vermin. There is no water in the Disbin sanitary bin. The internal chute stops the contents from spilling.

Q.7. What is the best position to place the Disbin sanitary bin in?

A. Beside the toilet within easy reach. The slimline shape of the Disbin means it can tuck beside the toilet easily. It can fit in the smallest of toilet cubicles and can hang on the wall in a convenient position.

Q.8. How many Disbins should I order?

A. Order one Disbin for each toilet, and multiples of that number for an adequate supply. You can order as many as you need.