How Ecological Impacts in Environment from Feminine Waste Sanitary Nap

How Ecological Impacts in Environment from Feminine Waste Sanitary Napkins

Yes, periods are sometimes uncomfortable. However what is more uncomfortable is disposing sanitary napkins in any safe place.

Sanitary waste disposal has become a sensitive issue or a problem as the non –biodegradable products used in disposable sanitary napkins it is reason to health and environmental hazards.

Every women or girls face this problem in every month and they use approx. 18-20 pads per month which is equating to 240-250 per year so, the average of using pads in her lifespan of a menstruating female (approx. 40 years of periods) are around 9,600 or more. Some women or girls wrap and enfold it in plastic polythene or a paper and throw it along with domestic garbage; some do flush them down or throw them into water bodies or in open garbage place. Most of the ladies dropped directly napkins outside the toilet window.

If we talk about an average of the disposal of Feminine Sanitary Napkins around 150kg to 200kg of non-biodegradable waste sanitary napkins throw by women in every year.

disposable menstrual waste sanitary bin

The use of plastic in waste sanitary napkins which is not only harmful for health but also it has a negative impact on the environment because the plastic bags or polythene is non-biodegradable and these are long lasting which is stay about 800 years in the landfills and if it disposed of in rivers, beaches, ponds which lead to blockage of drains.

The easiest and smartest ways to make eco-friendly are:-

  • Use organic pads and tampons
  • Never throw pads in domestic garbage, rivers, and ponds.
  • Never use plastic for disposal of Sanitary Napkins or pads because it is bad for the environment.
  • Do not flush the plastic applicators.
  • Never throw pads openly.
  • Most of the pads contain polyethylene plastic avoid to use these napkins which is an environmentally harmful pollutant because some tampons consist of chemical like chlorine, dioxin and rayon.

It is not only concern about environment but it is also a matter of your health. If environment keeps clean then your health will also healthy so, you should use or consider more eco-friendly periods product or easily disposable menstrual waste sanitary bin for the environment’s lieu.

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