Clean Up After Your Dog Poo! : Stop Wasting Time and Be A Responsible

Clean Up After Your Dog Poo! : Stop Wasting Time and Be A Responsible or Eco Friendly Pet Owner

Dog poo is an environmental pollutant because in dog poo is not manure like cow ordure. You know Dog’s have a sublimate protein based feeding that produce a very parasites, herbicides and insecticides, acidic excrement or waste things that is because Dog's diets are varied it is composed of chicken, pork ,nitrogen, phosphorous and beef products and they create a high acidic waste things that is not good for grass or yard.

Dog’s doo produce an exceptional amount of waste fecal stuff that is significant of bacteria which is harmful for human beings because the dog waste of one gram contains 23 million of fecal coliform bacteria it can also create illness in animals and in human being and it is also spreads cryptosporidium, parvomethane, campylobacter, roundworms, coronavirus, giardia, hookworms, salmonella and whipworms this is the reason of atmospheric pollution.

  • Tapeworms
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • Hookworms
  • Whipworms
  • Roundworms
  • Giardiasis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Campylobacteriosis
So the question is where we compost the dog poo, feces and waste so that which does not effect on Environment.

So, dog poo disposal is an enhancing environmental problem but with some thought and planning cleaning up after your dog poo can benefit not a burden of the planet. Here are some doggy-poo tips for make the environment clean so the way dispose of dog poo’s or waste material can be a good opportunity to encourage environmental sustainability.

  • It's difficult to obtain the temperatures needed to kill pathogens or bacteria, so you should never throw pet poo or waste in plants, grass or in your backyard.
  • Use only biodegradable poo bags for disposing of dog poo or waste material.
  • Never washed down your dog’s poo into the drains.

Dog’s poo disposal bins are the best solution but it is not good to dispose of dog poo in garden or backyard waste bins. Always consider environmentally friendly disposal bins such as dedicated Dog Poo Disposal Bins, Worm Farms for Dog Poo.

If there are no disposal bin?

The option is flushing the dog poo. Flushable poop bags such as Flush Doggy Flushable Poop Bags and Flush Puppies Flushable Doodie Bags are built up of a water-soluble stuff which is called polyvinyl alcohol. These bags give you to take up your dog’s poop and flush it down into the toilet.

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